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This lab aims to develop quantitative methods for modeling, simulation and optimization of healthcare production systems and new health services. It is divided into two areas: (i) engineering of healthcare production systems and new health services and (ii) planning and logistics of the healthcare production systems. The axis (i) is interested in the design and performance evaluation of healthcare production systems and new health services such as homecare.

We also study systems engineering and new services using new information and communication technologies such as RFID tags for traceability. The axis (ii) addresses the operational management of healthcare production systems to optimize quality of patient services and use of human and material resources.

Our scientific approach is to identify the major scientific problems with the help of health professionals, to develop mathematical models realistic enough to study the fundamental properties of the models, and finally to design effective evaluation and optimization methods. Our originality is recognized as the coupling of combinatorial optimization of large size problems of and analysis of stochastic and dynamic models. This allows us to develop tools for decision support using realistic-enough mathematical models, what is the purpose of our research.

The topics will stand on the Virtual Hospital platform (Hovi) under construction. This platform is a tool for research and teaching, allowing to model, simulate and optimize the operation of a hospital and facilitate the integration of new technologies for tracking and remote monitoring. The Virtual Hospital concept is a size-reduced environment in which it will be possible to implement new technology and software solutions developed by the Health Engineering Centre, that health professionals and manufacturers will be able to test in real conditions.



  • Hospital: Optimization, Simulation and tensions avoidance: The ANR HOST (2012-2015) aims to study and develop modeling, optimization and implementation of a Decision Support System to anticipate the tension of the hospital and to prepare proposals for avoiding these tensions.
  • COVER: The project's main objective is to build a collaboration platform of the local care network, with first priority to improve collective performance.
  • Organization of Home Care: Regional Project (2009-2011). The OSAD project aims to bring methods and tools from industrial engineering in response to major management problems and steering structures of support for home care complex.
  • Intelligent Robot Swarm for Attendance, Recognition, Cleaning and Delivery: FP6 European Project - IST6 iWARD (2007-2009). The project aims to iWARD develop a robotic system to assist production systems of care in the functions of logistics and monitoring.



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